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Interconnection Consulting will be hosting Solarcom for the first time on 04-05.11.2021, a new specialist conference for the sun protection industry with a focus on the market and strategy. Over 1.5 days, keynote speeches from leading industry representatives and experts will be the focus of the event. Panel discussions, an award ceremony and an evening event complete the program.

The sun protection markets in view current chances and challenges are analyzed just like the status quo of the European markets and their trends. Practical approaches to sales strategies in times of digitalization, product innovations in the field of smart technologies and materials, as well as interesting facts about the interplay between sun protection and architecture will be presented in the form of best cases and empirical market analyses. In addition, the consequences of the crisis for the industry will naturally also be a topic. With Solarcom, the organizers want to establish a new annual communication platform. The target group includes managing directors and decision-makers from marketing, sales and business development of companies in the industry, as well as their partners, media and association representatives.


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